These Days Are Mine

Thursday, July 17, 2014

This outfit was worn on a very special day: the last day of school! There were no students there, so we wore whatever would be comfortable for moving boxes of teaching supplies into cabinets and closets. But I, being the organizational freak that I am, was able to quickly put all my pink-labeled bins neatly away in my storage closet with the help of about 90 11-year-old in less than a day! This left me with a whole lot of nothing to do but help fellow teachers with their rooms. 

We were dismissed early and a few of us went to brunch to celebrate our new-found freedom. I wore this tee shirt with the days of the week on it to symbolize the days that I am now gaining as my own! Monday through Friday belongs to ME til August 25th, and I plan on enjoying every moment!

bucket, bag, weekdays, tee, loft, shorts

bucket, bag, weekdays, tee, loft, shorts, la, mer, revlon, matte

bucket, bag, weekdays, tee, loft, shorts

j, crew, cotton, vintage, weekdays, tee

Cheetah, Slip, ons, on sneakers
Tee: J. Crew (had my eye on this teacher-appropriate tee for a while now) // Shoes: ASOS // Shorts: LOFT (similar in stripes) // Lips: Revlon Colorburst Stick in "Standout" // Watch: La Mer  // Bucket bag: ASOS

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