I'm Real

Monday, March 23, 2015

black, puffer, coat

zara, scarf

zara, scarf, blue, jacket

zara, scarf

Outfit 1: Dress: H&M // Sweater: Target  (bogo 50% off women's clothes right now)// Tights: J. Crew Factory (40% off everything right now) // Booties: Shoemint // Scarf: J. Crew // Necklace: Michelle Starbuck Designs // Bag: Nordstrom BP (sold out but similar here) // Puffy coat: Zara

Outfit 2: Coat: Zara // Scarf: Zara // Bag: Kate Spade // Booties: Shoemint // Pants: Target // Hat: Akira

Recently my blog was given one of the most valued compliments to date. A fellow blogger expressed how she loved visiting my blog, especially in the winter, because I kept things so real. She told me that she appreciated my real, yet fashionable style, especially while some bloggers were out in the snow in bare legs and heels. More power to them, but that's just not me. I'm in knit hats and a million layers Barely peeking out from behind my scarves!

There is nothing I want to be more as an online presence than REAL. The reason being, that is just exactly what I am and what I stand for in everyday life. What you see here on Hot Pink Style is what I really wear to work running around my school and then on my way to a workout after that. That may be why you don't see me prancing around in high heels. I rarely have on a heel taller than 3 inches, and even with that, I still probably have a pair of flats in my massive work bag.

With my company, Jill of All Trades Chicago, I try to help women be comfortable while looking great. I think that my ability to keep style approachable and comfortable is what draws my clients to me. I try to replicate this feeling for all my clients who are all intelligent but busy real women.

I'll leave the glamour and Louboutin's to the bloggers who do that best, I'm totally cool with that not being me. And thanks to all you supporters of real style for real busy women!


  1. Those polka dot tights are everything girl!

  2. Agreed, girl, you do keep it real and it's very refreshing to see! As cute as those outfits are with high heels...you and I both know that ain't happening during Chicago's winter!

    1. Thanks boo! I know you are pretty great at keeping flawless style real as well!