Mario Badescu: My Skin Care Secret Weapon

Monday, April 27, 2015

Mario, Badescu, skin, care
 What's inside? Mario's brand new exfoliator!!

Mario, Badescu, skin, care

Mario, Badescu, skin, care

Mario, Badescu, skin, care, botanical, exfoliating, scrub

I remember exactly when my obsession with Mario Badescu Skin Care began. I was 19 and had just moved downtown. As you may have expected, even then I was fashion obsessed, so I read every fashion magazine I could get my hands on. I remember the add for Mario's Drying Lotion which was advertised every month in the back as this magic potion that could erase pimples overnight!! Naturally, I went over to Marshall Fields (that's right, it was still Marshall Fields and not Macy's back then. RIP) and bought a bottle with my hard earned money from working at Rock Bottom while in college!

The Drying Lotion was truly a magic potion. You dip a q-tip into this 2 layered liquid and apply it directly to a pimple, and sure enough the next day, it's GONE! Magic. 

Since then, I've never been without Mario Badescu Skin Care products in my house. I started using their Acne Face wash along with their Glycolic Foaming Cleanser alternating morning and night and haven't stopped since. This is still the same combination I use to this day. 

Since then I have incorpotated so many Mario Badescu products into my skin care collection. Their Cucumber Tonic Mask is a life saver that delivers instant results after every use and their Cucumber Cleansing Lotion is my saving grace when all I can handle at night is to put some on a cotton ball and call that a face-washing. I also keep this Rosewater Facial Spray right on my vanity where I blow dry my hair so when I feel like I've just blown all the moisture right out of my face, I can instantly rehydrate. 

There are so many amazing products that I have tried over the last 14 years, that I am convinced everyone can find their perfect skin care products from Mario Badescu's amazing line of products. Not only do I love that I can pick them up at my local Nordstrom but I LOVE their prices! They are by far the most affordable skin care products you will ever find in a department store. most products are even below $20! 

Last week, Mario Badescu came out with a new exfoliator that was seriously exactly what I was looking for. Not harsh on the skin but has that smooth-yet-gritty thing going that makes your face feel all squeaky clean. Of course I was super pumped to try it out and it works great. I use it once a week in the shower with my Clarisonic Mia!

I can't recommend you try Mario Badescu enough for yourself. So go ahead and check it out. Your face and wallet will thank you.

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