Old Navy and a Life Update

Monday, June 8, 2015

old, navy, printed, soft, pants

old, navy, printed, soft, pants

old, navy, printed, soft, pants

old, navy, printed, soft, pants
Pants: Old Navy // Tank: Old Navy // Sandals: Old Navy // Bag: The Sak (old but similar here under $75) // Necklace: H&M // Sunglasses: Forever 21 // Lips: Nars "Heatwave"

This could be because I just came off of a really amazing weekend (more on that later), but life is pretty great. 

Let me be more specific. Normally I don't get to personal on here because I know many of my students like to creep around the internet and look for me, but I'm going to make a tiny exception. You know those times in your life where you are just trying to please everyone and wind up forgetting about taking care of yourself? Well, I feel I'm at this awesome point in my life where I'm doing nothing BUT taking care of myself! I've worked out this great balance of enjoying a rewarding career (totally hard and exhausting work but brings so much joy and meaning to my life), and a happy relationship with my husband, that as on next Monday I will have been with for 15 years! 

I've worked out a ways to make time for myself every single day. I pretty much work out every day and demand time to make healthy meals for myself for the week. I listen to lots of great podcasts (some of my favorite are Death, Sex & Money, The Moth, The Longest Shortest Time, Here's the thing with Alec Baldwin and This American Life). My dad alway told me to listen to people, even if you don't agree with them you may learn something, and that's just what podcasts help me do.

I have great friends who are celebrating all sorts of great life accomplishments recently, and I love getting to be part of all their lives and celebrations! I love knowing I have pockets of friends all over the world and the internet that I can count on.

I'm also really grateful for a job that allows me time off to concentrate on doing things that require uninterrupted periods of time, such as traveling. It also allows me time to work with my clients at my company, Jill of All Trades. I love helping people bring ease, style and function into their life.
I can also say having nothing to do is pretty awesome too, since I'm really enjoying the fruits of my home redecorating labor. It's so great to come home to a space you love, and a bed that feels like heaven on earth.

I've had those times of madness and unhappiness and trying to do everything for everyone and they just lead you to a place where you end up hating on yourself. So be selfish, Take care of yourself, it's the only life you'll get so make it a good one. And who cares if a deadline gets missed, or you don't follow the rules you once thought you should live by. You will figure it out. Take time to enjoy life, be a little selfish! Have a wonderful and fulfilling week!

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