Big Flare Don't Care

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

flare, jeans, loft

dark, flare, jeans, loft

denim, flare, jeans

rebecca, minkoff, mini

loft, flare, jeans

loft, flares, flare, jeans

flare, leg, jeans, loft, dark

striped, old, navy, tee, shirt

rebecca, minkoff, mini, mab
Photos by Lauren

You guys, flares are BACK! One of my favorite stores, LOFT, sent me over this pair to try out and I was instantly transported to my highschool days. I also forgot how insanely long flare jeans make your legs look too! Nice bonus.

After I got over the shock of the time hop, I realized that these pants were pretty useful pants indeed. They almost look like tailored work pants, especially if you pair them with a nicer button down top. I could even get away with wearing this dark wash to work! 

Have you tried the flare trend yet? Will you go for a dark wash like these or a lighter wash?

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  1. Love seeing a more casual look on you! These jeans fit you so well and give you legs for days!

    Wishes & Reality