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Monday, September 28, 2015

marc, jacobs, paradise, dress

march, jacobs, striped, dress, paradise

marc, jacobs, striped, dress

marc, jacobs, dress, ghillie, flats

ghillie, flats, lace, up, topshop

marc, jacobs, tee, shirt, dress

While in Salt Lake city this summer, we found this book bindings wall randomly behind the parking garage of our hotel. What is a treasure like that doing hidden behind a building? Am I right?

What we did find out very fast in SLC is that many places (especially ones with really cool walls) are considered private property and apparently this one was. Oops! Good thing we got a few shots in before we got booted out by a real live person! So different from Chicago. 

Anyway, On to the clothes. I found this Marc Jacobs dress at Nordstrom Rack in the summer but it was the only one left and just a tad too short on me. Lucky for me (and every nordstrom cardholder) they do tailoring for their customers and were able to bring the hem down a solid inch and a half making this dress perfect for me! 

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