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Sunday, January 31, 2016

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy
Get my "Hello Love" hoodie for a steal here, as well as my pink and blue polish. Hello Pantone colors of the year!

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy

hanging, terrarium, air, plant, diy
WANT TO WIN A $30 GIFT CARD for Makers Kit
Congrats to Djmathis
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Valentine's gifts are usually pretty predictable and I'm just going to say it, kind of lame. I think we can all say we are pretty sick of chocolates and flowers. 

Why not try something different this Valentine's day and give her a Makers Kit DIY project. I first discovered Makers Kit at the ALT summit and was surprised to see how affordable and cute their products were! They come with everything you need to make a fun little project that she will be happy to display and tell her friends about! 

Their website offers a wide variety of DIY kits like make your own hot sauce, gemstone soaps, or like the one I did above, the hanging air plant terrarium!  

Don't forget to enter your email below to enter to win the $30 gift card! Good Luck!

Black on Black

Friday, January 22, 2016

red, hair, black, cape

black, cape

love, crossbody, black, quilted, minkoff

kensie, gray, dress

It's pretty rare that I wear all black and in my defense this dress is more of a heathered black, but sometimes it just works. I also dig how black makes my hair look super red in comparison. 

Capes, particularly this old black one of mine, really are the best trick ever. They look so posh and put together but really they are just armless sacks that make me feel like I'm in a headless ghost costume but somehow don't look like I'm dressed for Halloween.

Eye Spy

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ann, taylor, classic, tan, trench, coat

endless, eyewear, ditto

ann, taylor, classic, tan, trench, coat

ann, taylor, classic, tan, trench, coat

trench, coat, love, crossbody, minkoff

endless, eyewear, ditto, zac, posen

trench, coat, ann, taylor

This was from before we moved. I took my friend Amy and her then 5 month old daughter Lex up by this wall in Chicago and did a mother daughter photoshoot! It turned out so well until our little photo assistant wasn't happy anymore and cut the party short. Luckily Amy was able to snap a few of me while looking like a spy (what she said, not me!)

Also if you have never been a huge fan of paying tons of money for one pair of designer sunglasses and would rather have a whole bunch of fun options, you need to try out Endless Eyewear. It's basically Netflix for your face. Borrow a pair for a small monthly fee, and then swap them out with a fun new designer frame when you are ready to try a new pair! And use code HOTPINKSTYLE to get your first month free!


Monday, January 18, 2016

pink, aviators, rayban

workout, leggings, black

earflap, hat, puffer, jacket

flyknit, nike, zella

nike, flyknit, free, black
Jacket // Sunglasses // Sneakers // Pants // Tank // Hat (old but cute colorful options here and here) // bag 

A little while back before we moved I warned you all that my style was about to take a change for the more comfortable. Here it is. In real life. I wore this Saturday morning to go workout at my Bar Method studio, run some errands with my husband.

This is pretty much what every day looks like. While I can't complain about the comfort level, I am a little sad when I walk past my pretty shoe collection and kind of even wish to wear jeans. It's quite an adjustment from teacher life.

What would you wear after 11 years of dressing up for work every day?

Hopefully soon I'll find a new school to teach in and I'll be back to my old pencil skirt wearing ways, Till then I'm embracing the lack of dress code and reveling in the comfort.

Modern Neutrals in the New Kitchen

Monday, January 11, 2016

All this natural light has made the kitchen one of my favorite spots to hang out, as well a perfect place for my plants that need a lot of light! This circle mirror is part of the mineral springs collection at Target, which I pretty much had to stop myself from buying every single piece they had!

dining, table, bench
We originally wanted the Emmerson Dining table from West Elm, but the surface was uneven and unfinished, which we didn't think would be very practical in the long run. I wanted something we could easily wipe down. We then found this Champagne dining set from Macy's that was smooth and in a beautiful finish and you could order in a bunch of different seating variations! The best part was it was even cheaper than the Emmerson!

flowers, hydrenga
Our new home has an accent wall of exposed brick in the kitchen which I think helped me move towards a warmer color palette for the space. I've never really been a huge brown fan but all this wood looks great with a ton of sun and a charming brick wall. (similar fruit bowl here for under $10)

nate, berkus, fringe, pom, pom, curtain
The fringe on these Nate Berkus curtains was the perfect touch to the edges of these panels. Just plain white would have been too stark, so I'm glad they had a little something to add visual interest and texture and at such a great price point too!

succulent, terrarium, kitchen
I'm pretty obsessed with this succulent terrarium. It's the focal point of our dining table and its so fun to watch evolve. In our Chicago apartment we pretty much watched every plant die in a short amount of time due to lack of sunlight. Here in Salt Lake, they are thriving!

This rug was such a cheap score so I won't feel too bad if someone drops red sauce on it. Whose idea was it to put rugs under kitchen tables anyway? Doesn't seem smart, but sure is pretty.

kitchen, tea, towels, decor
Grabbed these cute towels at the Randolph Market the weekend before we moved. It was pretty much the inspiration piece that drove the kitchen's style!

cutting, board, martha, stewart
I adore this slanted cutting board that easily allows me to scoop and slide cut veggies into pans. The wood's pattern is so pretty, I decided to display them!

modern neutrals in the kitchen

So here's the breakdown of all the stuff we bought so far to spruce up this kitchen and make it feel more like it's our own. We are still waiting on the lighting fixture but that is the exact one we got. I'll be revealing some new parts of the living room soon to come on the blog. Let me know what you think. 

Lost and Found

Thursday, January 7, 2016

cocoon, coat, golden, sun, j, crew

cocoon, coat, golden, sun, j, crew

warby, parker, percey

cocoon, coat, golden, sun, j, crew

warby, parker, percey

yosi, samra, fold, up, flats

cocoon, coat, golden, sun, j, crew

cocoon, coat, golden, sun, j, crew

cocoon, coat, golden, sun, j, crew

yosi, samra, black, white

You have no idea how long I have waited for J. Crew to release their Cocoon Coat in a vibrant shade of yellow that only J. Crew could produce! They always just nail it with their super saturated colors and there isn't much better than a coat that doesn't blend into the sea of black parkas when winter comes around.

And speaking of not blending in, I'm loving my new red Warby Parker Glasses. Fun fact, I picked these out and when they arrived I realized my husband has the Percey as well, just in a different color! NERDS! I don't need to wear them all the time, mostly just to read if my eyes are tired. They are fun touch to tie in with my thermal.

By the way, this thermal was $10 in the little boys section of Target! Right now it's even on clearance for just $8.50 and also come in blue! I have no shame. If I run into a young lad who's got the same shirt on as I do, I will simply compliment him on his super cool shirt!