Eye Spy

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ann, taylor, classic, tan, trench, coat

endless, eyewear, ditto

ann, taylor, classic, tan, trench, coat

ann, taylor, classic, tan, trench, coat

trench, coat, love, crossbody, minkoff

endless, eyewear, ditto, zac, posen

trench, coat, ann, taylor

This was from before we moved. I took my friend Amy and her then 5 month old daughter Lex up by this wall in Chicago and did a mother daughter photoshoot! It turned out so well until our little photo assistant wasn't happy anymore and cut the party short. Luckily Amy was able to snap a few of me while looking like a spy (what she said, not me!)

Also if you have never been a huge fan of paying tons of money for one pair of designer sunglasses and would rather have a whole bunch of fun options, you need to try out Endless Eyewear. It's basically Netflix for your face. Borrow a pair for a small monthly fee, and then swap them out with a fun new designer frame when you are ready to try a new pair! And use code HOTPINKSTYLE to get your first month free!


  1. OMG these shots are BRILLIANT! Who shot them? Hubby?? If so he's getting some seriously mad skills!

    Miss you so much!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  2. My friend Amy shot these while her baby was just off to my right in her car seat while we took these!