What to Wear to A Blogger Conference.

Monday, February 1, 2016

what,to, wear, to, a, conference

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Comfortable, flat, shoes, for , work, Kate Spade

When attending a Blogger conference, you may experience some style anxiety. Knowing so many other stylish women will be walking around you all day can get intimidating. Coming fresh off of the Alt Summit last week, I have some advice for what to wear to keep you looking cool, collected and confident!
1. Stay true to your own personal style. This is after all where you are going to meet people in real life that may know you and your style only through the internet. Be stylish but on message with something people would expect to see you wear on your blog. Trying to veer to far outside your comfort zone will make you feel uncomfortable, and ain't nobody got time for that!

2. Wear some statement making shoes. I am NOT a high heels girl. Never have been and never will be. What I do best is fun flats. EVERY girl needs a pair of killer, compliment-inducing flats. You will be able to run around to sessions all day, score compliments that make an impression and be comfy while doing it! Again, make sure these shoes are true to your personal style.

3. Know your setting. At most conferences, you are sitting most of the day. Watching keynotes, eating sit-down lunches, listening in on interesting panels. Who wants to be doing that in uncomfortable clothes. You don't want a tight waistband digging into my waist while you sit. Opt for your comfiest stylish jeans like my super stretchy high waisted skinnies and an on-trend sweater or top. Mine is Free People, who makes the coziest blanketyist (I made that word up) sweaters around. And if you think it may be cold as many indoor conference halls can be, layer up or bring a chic blanket scarf.

4. Be a little unforgettable!  Have a few bold accessories. Bonus points if they are near your face, that way when you are talking with someone new, they will remember you better. I wore my bright green and yellow vintage scarf with a gold vintage scarf pin and got tons of compliments. A statement making lip color or a cool braid can do the job as well.

Thanks to Kit for these photos we were able to squeeze in before the sun went down.

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  1. OMG those flats! You honestly have the best shoe collection!!

    Ashley || Sed Bona