Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Today starts early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for cardholders!! Clearly it's an exiting time for shopaholics such as myself. I woke up (not on purpose) at 3 am and decided to start browsing on my Nordstrom Phone app. I bought a few things like my favorite Adidas but in black and this oversized sweater ( I needed a 4 even though I'm actually an 8), knowing that things sell out quick and I can always return them. I also restocked my favorite candle (apple and blue clover) too!

But before I could endorse anything fully I needed to stop in store and really get a feel (literally) for what the sale had. I went in first thing this morning and found that I was NOT the only one who had that plan. The place was POPPIN!

So here are my top 12 items that I fully endorse and I may have even bought a few of them...Some I did not because I have no waist and still will not come Fall! But you probably will, so enjoy!

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