30 Week Bumpdate

Friday, August 26, 2016

Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit

Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit

Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit
Las vegas mural, off the shoulder dress, converse. raybay aviators, red hair, easy maternity outfit
*This one was taken on my phone. This wall was too big to capture fully, But how cool is it?

How far along are you? 30 weeks today! The end is near and I'm keeping my eye on the prize!

How are you feeling? STILL. Like. Crap. I've still got terrible nausea and feel sick pretty much all day, every day. There was this one magical day, August 11th, where it all vanished but then it all came right back the next day with a vengeance and I cried. How silly I was to actually think I had turned a corner! Still taking all my anti-nausea meds and the only bright side is that I don't ACTUALLY throw up as much any more, now it's just occasional but I still feel like I will, so that's kind of an improvement.

I've also developed pregnancy induced carpal tunnel (who knew that was a thing?) and have to wear wrist braces when I sleep. It makes me feel like I'm useless. Opening things, brushing my hair and writing is hard (hope you all liked the chicken scratches in my thank you cards!) If the blanket slips down in the middle of the night I need Andrew to help me pull it back up because the pain in my hands is so bad. I used to be able to prenatal yoga at least once a week but my hands and wrists are so painful, I can't even go to that anymore. 

Oh yes, and I currently have an upper respiratory infection too. Fun times!

Any cravings? I kind of hate food. I'm really hoping one day my love for vegetables and cooking comes back. My husband explained it well when he said that it's like going to the grocery store when you are hungry and you want everything, well this is the exact opposite. I want absolutely nothing. Nothing sounds good, nothing looks good and nothing tastes good. I kind of just wander around and think, can I tolerate eating this and will it fill me up enough that I wont wake up at 3 am and need to eat more. I'm mostly eating bread, white rice and any other boring plain foods you can think of.

Any fun parts of the pregnancy so far? Andrew and I do enjoy mocking her and putting words in her mouth. She is definitely a feisty little thing and will  literally swat off pretty much anything that gets in her space thats touches my belly. She does not care for me wearing pants and will kick at the waist band till I take them off. She also does not care for me sitting down either. We like to say that what she is telling me daily is "hey lady, take off your pants and walk around!"

Thoughts on maternity clothes and dressing the bump? I actually really like it. It's pretty great wearing loose dresses all the time and I haven't had to buy much that is actually "maternity" aside from a few essentials. the rest is just flowy and comfortable.  

Le Tote is also pretty great for some random fun pieces that I get to borrow and send back. They send me 5 new maternity pieces that I can swap out an unlimited number of times as well as edit before they send them out. Highly recommend using Le Tote if you are pregnant and have job where you need to look professional while pregnant! Use code HOTPINKSTYLE at check out for a 20% discount till 9/17/16!

What are you looking forward to? We have out maternity pictures coming up with my friend Octavia! She takes amazing photos (for real! Check them out here)so we are going to meet her up in the mountains and take some family photos! Now, what to wear?

How is the nursery going? It is actually almost done! There are really only a few things left to do in there and we plan on knocking a few of them out this weekend. Other than that it's pretty much done. I love hanging out in there and turning on the white noise machine and relaxing in the glider. It's going to be a very relaxing space. It sure makes me sleepy, let's hope it makes her feel the same!


  1. You are the CUTEST! Can't wait to meet little Athena!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

  2. You look great Jill!! It was great to catch up while you were in Chicago, I'm so happy that you are loving Salt Lake City!!

    xo, Sarah