Our Chicago Baby Shower

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Some days are just whirlwinds of love, happiness and emotions. Our shower in Chicago was one of those days! My amazing girlfriend Amy threw us a perfect shower in her beautiful new home. 

My father-in-law told us awhile back before we moved, that one of the best parts of moving across the country is that when you do come home, people go out of there way to see you when you are in town and I think our friends and family did an amazing job of showing us just how true this was. We sure tested out the capacity of Amy's new place because so many friends, their adorable babies, past coworkers and family gathered together to show us so much love. 

Also I just love when people from different pockets of your life get together in one place and meet. It's great to watch all the people you love come together and get along so well. It made our hearts so happy to see all the great people Athena will have in her life.

Thank you so much Amy for giving us a day we will treasure forever!

Some of my gorgeous blogger boos, Erin, Peggy, Samantha, Ashley and Maria. How cute are the babes flanking this line of ladies!

My side of the family, my dad, twin brothers and their ladies as well as my two favorite little people my niece and nephew.

The party greeter, Amy's daughter, Lex, in here adorable tutu. 

The parents to be! Do we look ready?

The sweetest little bib from Amy's mother-in-law who has taken me in as one of her own and made this "Hot Pink Style intern" bib for Athena. Such a thoughtful gift.

And this lady, my girl Amy, who made all magic happen! I love her! She even had some help from my Lobas (see below) making some of the adorable shower decorations that have now been repurposed in Athena's nursery.  

I also had two other mini showers when I was back! How lucky am I?

The first was with my Lobas, which is what we have called our group for years. We met in Yoga about 5 years back and have been part of each other's lives ever since and never looked back. We went to my absolute favorite Greek restaurant, the one my family has been going to for decades, Greek Islands. It's also in my old neighborhood that I lived in for 15 years in Chicago so it was a fun little walk down memory lane. It was so good to be around these girls. Things never change when we are together. It really is amazing what special bonds you can form that stem from a love of yoga!

The second was with a bunch of my Blogger friends at my favorite Cuban restaurant, 90 Miles Cafe! We all had so much to catch up on over the incredible empanadas and summer weather. This was my send off too. I left the very next morning, so it was a great way to end the trip!

 And then there was this waiting when I got home. This is a screen grab from my Snapchat. Needless to say, our neighbors are very kind to have picked up packages for us! I mean this is just incredible. It was so fun to open everything and see all the thoughtful gifts everyone sent to this little lady. She is so loved already and no one even knows her yet! We are seriously grateful for all the love, care and sweetness that has come into our lives since sharing the news of this baby girl. We love you all so much!!


  1. What a special day Jill! So excited for you guys!

    1. Thanks so much Heidi! We are pretty excited as well.

  2. Aw looks like such a nice time, Jill!


    1. That it was Jennie! Hope you had a great summer and too bad I didn't get to see you when I was in town.