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Monday, December 5, 2016

dockatot, baby sleep solution, lorena canals rug, alphabet rug

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As a blogger, I am lucky to not only get to try some things out myself, but also to have awesome blogger friends who turn me toward new products. Some, even before I have a need for them. That was the case with the DockATot.

If you have never heard of it, let me fill you in. Basically it's a tiny baby rest station that is ridiculously portable (it comes with its own little suit case that you better believe is coming home with us to Chicago for the holidays) and it's a super safe and worry-free place for a baby to hang out in. The rounded sides are meant to recreate the feeling of the womb and hug the baby, making them feel happy and safe. It comes in two sizes so there is one for babies 0-36 months, made of breathable cotton.

And the most important detail to mention, as the proud owner of both a baby and a DockATot for over four weeks now is: SHE SLEEPS like a log in this thing! And she has since day one, so I know this isn't just a one-night fluke. 

Do I have your attention now?

I had seen a bunch of blogger friends using the DockATot with their little ones since before I was a mom, so I was super intrigued. I heard each and every one of them rave about it. Bloggers, non-bloggers, all my mom friends love theirs. It's such a simple idea, a portable, safe bed that you can put on virtually any flat surface and not have to worry about creating a tiny baby fort of pillows and blankets around them. Why had this not been thought of sooner! Sometimes the best ideas are the ones right in front of you.

So you better believe I had a DockATot waiting when Athena was born! I was so exited to try it out and, you guys, it's AMAZING! I'm almost afraid to tell you just how well she sleeps through the night or you might hate me... or she may stop, knock on wood that she doesn't! She is in it right now, as we speak, just as cozy as can be.

We use it on the bed, the floor, the chaise portion of our couch, and even on our big kitchen table when we are cooking breakfast and need an easy place to stow her. But the best part is that she loves it so much. She always looks so peaceful and cozy inside. I don't blame her; I kind of want an adult-sized one for myself!

I'm very excited to take it along with us on our trip home to Chicago for Christmas! It comes in its own little carry on bag which will make it super easy to take with us since we will be staying at multiple places. It's so nice to know she will have the consistency and same exact comforts of her bed at home while halfway across the country.

Ok, here's the part where there is something in this for you! Get your own DockATot using this link and you'll get $10 off! 

dockatot, baby sleep solution, lorena canals rug, alphabet rug

dockatot, baby sleep solution, lorena canals rug, alphabet rug

dockatot, baby sleep solution, lorena canals rug, alphabet rug

And check out this adorable natural fabric Lorena Canals alphabet rug

We had just redone our basement in a warm shade of white to make a playroom for Athena and this rug matches perfectly. I think the teacher in me saw this alphabet design and could just see Athena and her friends spelling out words in the future while cozied up on the rug! What makes this rug so special is that it is machine washable! Isn't that awesome? In fact, all Lorena Canals rugs are washable! (You didn't think I would get a white rug for a baby that I couldn't keep clean, did you?!)

It was really hard to choose just one of these Lorena Canals rugs because the designs are so chic. Like more West Elm than Land of Nod. Perfectly suitable for adult rooms too. I really loved this black and white one but like I said before, there was some magic in this alphabet one for me!

**As always, the integrity of my blog and the products I put on here are super important to me. I want to let you know that this DocATot and rug were provided to me but the feelings and opinions are my own. If there is ever a product on my blog, you better believe I stand behind it and would spend my own money on it!

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