Strange Tales of Motherhood

Friday, May 12, 2017

This coming Sunday marks my very first Mother's Day as a real mom! In years past, my school babes used to bring me Mother's day gifts because I was, as they would say, their school mom. Gosh, I miss those pumpkins.

But now, I'm a mom to my own sweet girl. But because I'm not the mushy type and because I know you love it and will commiserate with me, I'm sharing some of my most ridiculous and not so glamorous mom moments from the last 6 months. Most come from the brain-scrambling weeks post-baby when my hormones were straight up CRAZY!

1. Crying in the shower. I like to listen to pandora on my phone when taking a shower. In the first few weeks after having Athena I heard "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys in the shower and sobbed for a solid 15 minutes. People who know me know I'm not a cryer so this was WEIRD! Later that week we started listening to a lot of the Disney station on Pandora with Athena and anything from Dumbo or Cinderella made me cry too. A. MESS.

2. Iguana Legs. While we are on the topic of my sobbing fits, let's talk about my favorite one. Two days after we came home from the hospital, Andrew wanted to show me this cool viral video from Planet Earth of an Iguana being chased by snakes (Watch if you dare! Super high anxiety!). Neither of us thinking this would be anything but interesting or entertaining, we watched the clip. After getting to the one minute mark, my eyes filled up with tears and I looked at Andrew and said "I don't want my baby to die" then continued to cry. Apparently the tiny scurrying Iguana legs reminded me of Athena's tiny baby legs and made my brain react in this insane emotional way. Andrew was so very confused at my reaction, he just went and got the baby and handed her to me to show me that she was ok! I held her and cried for about 5 more minutes. Totally normal, right?

3. Really dumb questions. So I only know this story because Andrew told me I did it. Late in the middle of the night, I popped up from a deep sleep and very seriously asked Andrew "Where's the baby's leg?" Andrew told me she was sleeping in her crib. Very unsatisfied with this answer, I asked him again, "No, where is her LEG?" A very confused Andrew then decided it was best to just SHOW me the video monitor, so he held it up to my face, I looked, nodded in approval, and feel right back asleep.

 4. I was peed on. I'm not talking the cute little while-I-was-changing-her-diaper-she-peed-on-me kind of thing. This was after maybe her second bath ever and I was fond of wearing just my enormous pink fleece robe around the house. She got out of the bath and was so cold I tucked her into my robe onto my chest for some skin to skin to warm her up. Well it must have been very soothing for her because she peed all the way down inside the robe.  Thank goodness we don't have carpet where this happened!

5. Night sweats. Right after I had Athena, I thought this was going to be my life forever. I'd be so happy I finally got a chance to take a shower and then I'd wake up with half a head of sweaty curly hair and the other still nicely blown out.  So happy that went away after a few weeks but man, were those blowouts a waste of time!

Ok, now I know I'm not alone! Share with me one of your embarrassing crazy or strange mama moments. Don't leave me being the only one who sounds like a crazy woman!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas and soon-to-be mamas out there!

And just for added cuteness, here are some sweet pictures my friend Sandy took of Athena and I from when she was only about 2 1/2 months old. I remember being so proud that we made it out of the house and both still looked cute and were not covered in spit up.

vive Juciery, salt lake city, jujube legacy, asos striped dress, mom style

vive Juciery, salt lake city, jujube legacy, asos striped dress, mom style

vive Juciery, salt lake city, jujube legacy, asos striped dress, mom style

baby girl outfit

vive Juciery, salt lake city, jujube legacy, asos striped dress, mom style
My dress // My Jacket: Sold out Zara (options here) // Sneakers // Diaper bag: Jujubee Legacy BFF Backpack

 Athena's outfit here

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  1. Two of my favorite ladies - you guys are the cutest, and I loved your post today!