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Friday, June 16, 2017

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

olive green linen overalls, mom style, baby romper, summer outfit

baby romper affordable

otter box phone case, defender
Overalls // Top (old but similar here and here) // Hat (similar here) // Phone case // Sandals (old but rose gold options here and here) // Athena's Romper // Athena's white eyelet shoes

1. As you can see by that last picture I've come to terms with my mom status and caved and bought an Otter Box case for my new iPhone 7plus. That thing is big and expensive so I'm not going to let my cute little monkey destroy it without a fight! Gone are the days of my pretty Kate Spade cases. Maybe they will do a collab one day? 

2. I'm off to New York on Monday for my annual Yoga trip! This will mark the 6th year I've attended the Times Square Mind Over Madness event and just like every year prior, I take someone new with me to experience it. This time I'm taking 3 new people with me!! One from out here in Salt Lake and 2 of my good friends from Chicago will be meeting us out there. I'm pretty excited because I somehow managed to get a great deal on a hotel with a private terrace, secure us some fun fashion/beauty meetings and we have epic photo plans! But I only have essentially 2 days there so there is a LOT to pack in. Keep up with all the fun on my instastories!

3. I'm obsessed with making soup and it's freaking June! I'm not sure if it's just because its easy to make a huge crockpot full and have quick meals on hand all week, or that I make them super healthy (gotta find the only chicken broth with no sugar!) and pack a ton of veggies and protein into my day. Maybe it's a little bit of both.

4. We took Athena to visit her new daycare and meet her new teachers and i'm feeling alot less stressed about the whole thing. She was pretty much jumping out of Andrew's arms to get in there and play with the other babies and explore the room. Also, you may have seen on my instastory last week that I enrolled her in Little Gym classes to help with the transition. 

5. I'm seriously considering cutting my hair this Saturday. I'm always wishing for long hair but when it gets there it's nothing special. its just kind of limp and boring. I was looking at pictures from when my hair was shoulder length and I was kind of missing it. So I guess we will see how brave I'm feeling at my appointment at Lunatic Fringe this weekend.

6. I'm equal parts excited and nervous for school to start. I've been out of the teaching world for almost two whole school years and I'm wondering if I remember how to teach. I'm sure it will come back to me like it always does after summer break. I've even found myself dressing more like my former teacher self...and I'm not mad about it. I'm also trying to really enjoy my last little chunk of time home with Athena. I've been so lucky to get to take this break to spend so much time with her in these early months. I will treasure this time we've shared forever!

7. I'm really excited for Father's Day! Andrew doesn't know it yet, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve for his first Father's Day!

8. Guys! It's finally happening. I'm shedding some of this baby weight. I knew what it would take with this crazy body of mine and what it takes is very consistent workouts (like 4-5 a week) and really really clean eating. I'm feeling much better and in control and am finding time to enjoy hot yoga, spinning, and barre classes as well as at home workouts. It's not easy but I know how it improves my state of mind so I keep pushing myself. Still not weighing myself but things from my summer boxes that didn't fit when I opened them a few weeks ago are buttoning!  

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  1. OK first of all I swear it's a disease... I almost ONLY ever make Crock Pot soups in June. I have no idea why but I live on them and love them dearly. Only when it's oppressively hot out though, mind you!

    And secondly NYC IS TWO DAYS AWAY!!! Seriously cannot wait!


    Ashley || Sed Bona