My Shopping Secrets for Getting the Best Prices at Anthro and ASOS

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One thing I have a lot of experience with as a personal shopper is online shopping! Many of my clients are long distance so sending them shopping lists for online purchases is very helpful. with all that experience I've learned a few tricks along the way! Today I'm going to share those shopping tips with you for a few of my favorite stores.

Two of my favorite sites to Shop are Anthropologie and ASOS. I'll be showing you what's in my cart for examples and my attack plan for getting the best prices!

1 Anthropologie: I don't like to pay full price here. As much as I would like a $230 dress right now, I know it will go on sale very soon. So where to begin? This one is great because you can actually go in store and examine all the goods! Feel the fabrics, Try things on, get a sense of the hemlines and shapes and silhouettes. I like to add anything to my cart that I have my eye on. How do you do this easily without searching the whole website and trying to remember what you liked in store? Simple! They have a scan tool on their app! If you see something you like in store just scan it and add it to your virtual cart right there in the store on the app just like if you were registering for a wedding! At this point I'm usually still not making any purchases.

Now is the hard part, the waiting game. Every now and then if it's something you can't live without, or is needed for a special occasion, I say bite the bullet and pay full price, but if you have time and like a little excitement in your shopping experience, you can wait out the next sale.  My very best shopping tip for Anthropologie is that the "fresh cuts" section which is what they call their newly reduced items added to the sale section happen the first Tuesday of every month. TODAY! This is your best shot of getting a piece when it's still pretty well stocked in most sizes. This is when I usually buy! If you really like to gamble, You can wait till there is a sale for a percentage off sale. They often do a weekend with an additional 40% or 25% off sale items later in the month. Sign up to be an Anthro perk member and you will get info emailed to you when there is a sale and now free shipping on orders over $150. Don't want to spend $150? Here's what I do, Spend the $150 on something else. maybe you have your eye on a dress and cant' get into the store to try it on. Maybe you have an impatient baby like me who hates dressing rooms. Ship it with your order to get a shot at a try on and then return it and do the whole sale wait-out process all over again if you like it. Or order the item in multiple sizes so you can see which you like the best. That's always a good way to get your total up to free shipping.

*Side note- I also use this app scan trick at Zara too with their app on my phone. And since they have free shipping I would just ship what I want to my house so I don't have to carry a bag or pack it in luggage  (Since I don't have a Zara anymore out here in Utah. Sadness.)

2. ASOS: There is always a sale. But things sell out fast so you have to decide if you want to chance the waiting game. Here is what I do. If I love it, I buy it. If I like it, I buy it. If I wonder if I would like it, I buy it! They have free shipping and free returns so if it goes on sale before I wear it, I just rebuy it and send back the other. Things sell out so fast on ASOS that I like knowing exactly what size I'm going to need so I'm ready. They do not offer exchanges or price adjustments so re-buying is the only way around getting the better price when there is a percentage off or an item goes on sale.

Now, as for finding the things you actually want, that's another story. ASOS is a black hole time suck if you aren't careful. I know I like dresses so I always start there and sort by newest. If I have something in particular in mind like a floral maxi, their search engine is actually very good at giving you what you want. Unlike Target. Man, I HATE their search engine, but that's another story. ASOS also has a Tall section which I love, but if you are more vertically challenged than I, they also have regular and petites too! Makes searching so easy!

Their free returns have to be the easiest in the biz too! The order comes in an easy to return resealable bag, a return sticker with your name and info already printed on it, and a stress free return form. I love that they send an email showing the package has been received by the post office and then and itemized return showing how much you are getting back! No constant checking of your account to see if your refund has finally gone through.

Ok, now that you know my secrets. get to shopping. And just in case you forgot that Anthro tip already, today is the first Tuesday of the month! Start shopping fresh cuts now!

And in case you were curious, here is what I have my eye on from both shops!

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