Top 3 Reasons I Love Our New Hood

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair 

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

jumpsuit, mom style, anthropologie, tulie bakery, red hair

On Athena: Bonnet: Brair Handmade // Sweater: Joe Fresh // Sweat pants: H&M // Silver shoes: Amazon

Wow! I swear, every time I post pictures of Athena she looks so little! Even if they aren't from long ago. She needs to slow down with this growing up thing. I'm so not ready.

Ok. So here we are in a super cute little spot in our new hood. People always ask me what it was like moving away from big city life in Chicago to Salt Lake. Technically I didn't really leave city life all together. In fact, ask most people who live in Utah, they would consider where I live to be the bustling city. Obviously to me it's way different because Its not the same as living a few blocks from the Sears (yes, I will always call it that) Tower anymore and not much can compare to that. But to me this new city life is pretty sweet!

So I'm going to share with you my top 3 reasons why I love my new city life.

1. A back yard. Guys! I would never have thought this girl who lived in a concrete jungle for 15 years, who couldn't even identify a square of grass within blocks back near my old apartment, would love a backyard so much. I love having a place to sit outside and hang out with Athena. She loves being outside and I love getting some sun on our lounge chairs. Andrew loves to grill out too and we no longer have to drive to the lakefront, pay to park, walk a few blocks with all our stuff just to grill a meal. It was such a task. Oh, and did I mention we have a pool in our yard? I don't mean to brag, but it's about a foot deep and made of pink's Athena's baby pool. But you better believe I get in with her! Also I have a garden. I haven't grown anything successfully yet but I sure am going to keep on trying!

2. A driveway. Sure, our driveway is on an insane incline since we essentially live on the foothill of a mountain but holy cow, is it nice to drive up to our door and not have to pay to park. People here think I'm crazy when I tell them we used to have to pay $250 a month to park half a block and across the street from our apartment and that was actually a great deal for that neighborhood. Grocery shopping is so much easier too when I don't have debate what I can buy because I have to carry it home. I just buy what we need and don't think twice. What a concept!

3. It's safe. Any place has the potential to be unsafe but for the most part Salt Lake feels pretty crime free. I'm not constantly worried about someone breaking into my car... and sleeping in it overnight (yes, that happened in Chicago) or holing onto my purse with a death grip when I walk on the streets. I don't even worry about turning my wedding rings around in public places. Knock on wood, none of this will ever be a problem here, but those were legitimate daily fears I had in Chicago and I'm slowly loosening my grip on my old reality and settling into this new one. 

With that it also makes living here an excellent place to have children and raise a family. There hasn't been a single place I can think of I was afraid to take Athena or part of town I worried about driving her through. That peace of mind is really priceless.

There is a ton more I love about our new life out West, but these have proved to be the most stark contrasts thus far. Maybe I sound like a Chicago hater now but what i really think it is is that I'm a proponent for change. Especially ones you didn't know you needed till you do them.

So what about you? Did you leave city life? Are you considering it? What is your motivation or feelings about it. If you did leave, what is favorite part since you moved?

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