Nordstrom Sale

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Alright, I know you've probably heard of the Nordstrom Sale but are you as excited as I am about it?
It's basically shopping Christmas in the summer! Every year you can walk in to Nordstrom stores when early access starts (TODAY!!) and see all the little sheer tents they have set up over the sale items all over the store. They do such a good job of teasing you with curiosity in the days prior to the sale with all those Fall deals tucked behind the curtain! The little sheer tents were up a few days ago when I was there and I was dying of anticipation!

So why is this sale better than any other sale? Well it covers literally thousands of items in Womens, mens, kids, baby and home & beauty exclusives! Hundreds of dollars of savings on new Fall items that will be marked down at insanely good prices and then marked back up to the original price August 7th!

I am looking around my office/closet right now and can see tons of stuff I've scored there in the past. Make-up and brush sets, My favorite candles in 3 packs, cute pillows, cozy pjs, and my favorite Black Adidas that sold out so fast last summer! Even a few items for Athena last year were scored at unheard of prices before she was even born! did I mention how excited I am to shop for her this time around!

Things will sell out FAST! I've been studying my dog-earred copy of the sale catalogue for weeks now. I even have an appointment all set up for noon Today to shop the early access sale in person. You can do so in store or online as well but you must be a card holder!

 Here is my short list that I have had my eye on for weeks now, and in my usual style, everything is under $70 because that's the way I roll. Affordable style for life! Be sure to follow me on Instastories to see everything in store, fitting room diaries and new discoveries along the way.

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