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Friday, August 4, 2017

dagne dover charlie tote, neck scarf, red lob, work outfit

dagne dover charlie tote, neck scarf, red lob, work outfit

dagne dover charlie tote, neck scarf, red lob, work outfit

dagne dover charlie tote, neck scarf, red lob, work outfit

dagne dover charlie tote, neck scarf, red lob, work outfit

dagne dover charlie tote, neck scarf, red lob, work outfit
Skirt: Ann Taylor // Scarf: Banana Republic (first non-vintage scarf I've bought in a long time!) // Bag: Dagne Dover "Charlie" // Top: Banana Republic (similar) // Shoes: Zara (sold out)

Well, hey there!

Yep, it's been a while but I'm back. So much has gone on. I got my hair cut (about 5 inches of it to be exact), we have had a month-long stream of family in town that is continuing this weekend, and Athena is apparently all grown up and going to daycare now! I've also been spending lots of my extra time on two interior design projects for two clients for Jill of All Trades! BUSY!

But before I get you up-to-date on life lately, let's talk about this Dagne Dover bag.

It seems to have a personality of its own because everywhere I bring it, people constantly ask about it and then the floodgates of praise open up. The smart features that put this bag above every other tote I have ever owned are what make it such a game-changer!

  • It has a key leash so you don't have to dig when trying to open a door with something like, I don't know.... a 20 pound thrashy little human in your arms. 
  • There is a Neoprene cup holder so that your water bottle or thermos stay upright and don't spill all over in your bag. 
  • There are so many pockets, and guess what? They all have purposes! For example there are two side pockets but one is up high for your phone (i have a 7Plus and it fits!) so it doesn't sink into the abyss of all my stuff. 
  • There is a sturdy and padded zipper pocket that holds my big Macbook Pro and tucks it away. 
Somehow even with all my crap in there it manages to remain upright! It's seriously magic. And have you seen how gorgeous it is? The leather is so yummy and the rose gold hardware is unlike anything I own! So much attention to detail in this bag! You all need one, so click over here to Dagne Dover! It's going to be the best teacher bag for the upcoming school year!

Ok, so the hair cut. Seriously I was just sick of Athena pulling it, and the longer it was, the more fun it was to pull for her! So in an effort to balance out my regrowth that looks like tiny bangs on my hairline and in an effort to make the pain less prolonged, I cut it off! Well not me but my favorite redhead Kate at Lunatic Fringe on 11th!

The Lob has always been a favorite of mine but the fronts of my hair would never grow out long enough to achieve the long angle. My post-pregnancy hair was long but lackluster so the length was finally where I wanted it to make the lob actually work. I'm loving it! I forgot though, how short hair seems to grow faster and you need to get it cut more frequently so I'm already headed back next Thursday for my next trim!

On to my favorite topic, Athena!

Guys! I was so sad and worried that she would hate daycare and cry and scream. Andrew and I both took her the first day to prepare for a meltdown (her or me) but she just went straight for the "bar" as we like to call it, the toy and activity table where all the babies kind of congregate, and she never looked back. We were strangely disappointed but overall really proud of her. The first day they said she would have moments of freak-outs where she realized that she didn't know anyone, but then the next few days she was getting better and better. She hasn't cried at all when I drop her off and when I pick her up she gives her little signature wave to her teachers and she's cool to go. It's a million times easier than I thought it would be and I'm so glad. Right now she has been going for between 3-5 hours a day and thats working really well. She is all tuckered out when she gets home every day. I have been taking advantage of having much more time to dedicate to my clients and myself and can get some big things taken care of before I go back to teaching!

One of the most important things I'm doing is working out earlier in the day. It was getting really hard waking up with Athena at 6AM and then trying to find the energy to go work out at 7PM after she went to sleep. Now I get my workout in as soon as I drop her off and then I feel energized and productive with the rest of my day. I swear I'm not running home and napping, but maybe I should try that before school starts!

I'm LOVING my new Reformer Pilates studio, Core Body Pilates. It opened 6 months ago near my house and I had been wanting to try it, and now that I have, I'm sad I waited so long. Reformer Pilates is one of my absolute favorite workouts ever. Those things look like medieval torture devices but I think that once you get used to them they fun and the possibilities are endless with the moves you can do on them. Every class and teacher is different so my body doesn't get used to it! I am for sure going to do the unlimited month pass next and my goal is to take 6 am classes every day before school in the Fall.

My father-in-law and brother-in-law will be in this weekend so I'm looking forward to spending time with Athena and family all together.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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