What I really want for Christmas

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

In years past, I don't think I've had an exact list of things I actually wanted/needed but this year I've really honed in on what is needed and missing in my life. Here's what's on my short list. They are all based on things I will actually use every day and know won't be wasteful. I'm pretty sure if you live  a life where comfort and simplifying daily life are important, you would be happy if some of these things showed up under your tree too.

Smash and Tess Romper: I have one of these from Andrew last year and wear the absolute heck out of it. It's amazingly comfortable and just the best. I have my eye on the navy short sleeve one.

Dyson Hair Dryer: What else can I say, sometimes you just want a flashy piece of technology. Ive heard nothing but good things from friends who have them and I appreciate the technology behind them. I'm also all for anything that will do less damage to my hair!

Dyson cordless vacuum: As a person who loves to clean, I really hate to vacuum because I have to have the cord all over so to not have a cord is a game changer. This one even turns into a smaller hand-held option too so I can take it out to my car.

Yeti cup: Keeps your cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for the WHOLE DAY! I love ice cold water so this seems dreamy. Also lots of room for coffee first and it comes in pink!

Microblading touch up: Microblading is pretty much the only cosmetic procedure I've ever done to my face and I'm so glad I did. It looks so natural and makes a huge impact and lasts for the whole year, if not more. I need a tiny touch up but  I think I can hold out a little bit longer. When I do go back, this is where I go.

Lake Pajamas: Guys. These are THE BEST! I refer to them as the best things that have happened to my adult life. They are amazingly comfortable pajamas and my favorite part is that they come in long lengths (like 35 inch inseam long!!) and super classic colors and stripe patterns. these would make the best gift for a mom. They aren't cheap but they are  so worth it IMO.

Someone to paint/wallpaper my bathrooms: This one can't be bought in a store so maybe if I just leave this hint here maybe Santa will come visit with a paint brush or a few rolls of wallpaper in hand.

Magnetic train set for Athena: I don't like alot of toys in our house and I really don't think Athena needs a bunch of crap in our house to play with. She has a great imagination so I only like getting her toys I really know she will play with. This girl loves a train so I would love to get her one of those old school wooden train track sets with the magnetic cars. If you know of a good one, let me know!

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