Danielle Bernstein Review

Friday, July 3, 2020

New in are these two floral pieces and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them. First of all, the Danielle Bernstein line that’s exclusively sold at Macy’s is kind of new to me but I was all eyes when I saw this vintage floral print midi dress. I had held off on ordering it because I knew that the gathered eslastic sleeve is not my favorite style. But the floral was just so beautiful I had to try it on for myself so I ordered it and when it arrived I was torn. The fabric and the print are both beautiful and feel very high-quality. It’s a little heavier than I was expecting it to be. Although I think it’s beautiful the main reason I’m sending it back is the neckline is just too low. I tried using my sticky bra to keep things classy but I feel like it’s just a little too low cut for my taste and lifestyle. That being said I think this would look beautiful on someone with a smaller chest. 

This floral mini skirt was an afterthought but was on sale for $25 so I thought I’d give it a try since I was ordering. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. Usually things with a slit are not really up my alley, again because my lifestyle and career don’t really match up with the high slit. The slit however is not very high and the fabric is dreamy. It’s a lightweight, structured and somehow just a little bit stretchy too. Really high-quality and amazing for the sale price. It also comes in a dress form that’s also very on sale right now as well.

Overall my experience with my first order of the Danielle Bernstein line was fantastic. I love trying on pieces from new to me brands so I can figure out sizing and style for my next order. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!