Favorite Things of 2020

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Taking a look back at 2020, there were lots of positives mixed in with the terrible. I have been keeping a list in my phone of things that I am thankful for every day and used it to put together a compilation of the heros of the year that helped me find small bits joy broken up into entertainment, movement, beauty and clothing. 


Pop Apologists- This podcast is just what I needed while staying at home with Athena this year! The hosts, Lauren and Chanler are delightfully witty sisters who give their hot takes on pop culture and share family stories that are too good to be true, but they are! Their humor breathes life into my Wednesdays. Mondays too, since they offer a bonus episode each week on Patreon, and you know I am a subscriber! Basically I just want to be part of their family!

Libby/ Overdrive- My way to listen to audio books for free. Most larger cities use this app in collaboration with their library. You borrow audio files via the app and you do have to wait for titles to come in, but you can put up to 10 on hold so I just like to stock it full so there is always something coming my way. I was able to listen to over 50 books this past year and did an extensive round-up post you can find here.

Beats By Dre Power Beats- Where would I be without these wireless headphones! The only reason I can get through an audiobook or podcast ever. I literally have them in right now. They are always in my ears even if I'm not using them. I have incredibly small ear holes and these are the only wireless earphones that have ever fit me because they come with 3 sizes of inserts to ensure great fit. I bought them in the most bright shade they offered so they would be easier to find if lost. 


La Scoota- Early quarantine I saw how much Athena enjoyed her little micro mini scooter so I thought to myself I deserve that same joy so I looked into an adult scooter. Got myself this one and love it!

FP Movement- They have been amazing at offering free live zoom classes from their stores all over the country and IG Live classes from all over the world. Find the 37 days of free workouts that are saved to their page's "lives" to do whenever you want here! I have discovered some amazing teachers like Mallory, Bri and Sarah that I may have never had the joy of practicing with if it weren't for WFH, workout from home!

Dance Church GO!- Dance Church bring so much joy to my life. People think that because of the name it has something to do with actual religion and that couldn't be farther from the truth! It's basically the most fun lightly choreographed dance party you can do in your home with killer music and the best instructors. It's a donation based class live every Sunday and we love joining in and supporting them. 

Mad Fit on Youtube- Maddie has been so fun for Athena and I! We love her 15 TikTok dance workouts and I love that she uses the clean versions of songs so I don't have to worry about Athena picking up an F bomb here or there.

Melissa Wood Health- She offers short yet intense workouts you can really do anywhere. I have been able to squeeze them in while Athena plays at the park. I love that she releases new workouts each week and puts a suggested weekly schedule together so it takes the guesswork out for me. A membership for the year is right around $100. 


Dyson Air Wrap- Literally the best thing to have ever happened to my head. It's like the best salon blow out you've ever gotten, only you can do it at home. The price tag is quite hefty but I truly think it's worth it's weight in gold. I tell anyone who asks that if my house was on fire I would grab my child and my air wrap. This is how much love I have for it.

Face Forward- Truly the best moisturizer I've ever used. Every single person I've made use it or sent it to as a gift has become hooked. It's clean, natural and as toxin-free as it can get. You can use it on anything and everything. Lips, face, children, boo boos. Whatever. It works! Comes in this handy stick or jar options. At just 26 bucks you can grab a few to keep everywhere.

Dae shampoo and conditioner- Early summer they had a sale so I gave it a shot because my Beauty Counter set was coming to its end. I was so surprised how well this stuff worked. The deep conditioner is fantastic and all of it smells great. The most impressed I've been by a hair care line in many years and there is a noticeable difference in the texture and shine in my hair since using it. 

Floof- Seriously the best dry shampoo I've ever used. I was really loyal to Oscar Blandi until they discontinued their powder one which left me trying to find a solid replacement for the last two years. I also wanted one that was made from clean ingredients. Playa was pretty good, but once I got my little bottle of Floof with my monthly Billie razor subscription, I was sold. Makes my hair last 4-5 days and if I do my scrunchie trick I don't even have to touch up my curls at all. Incredible and just $14.


CJLA- I'm so happy I discovered this brand earlier this year. All their pieces are meant to be comfy, easy to mix and match and they always have such great sales! I have the Paris coat in two colors (wearing the beige pictured above), Kinney tie-dye pull over and Gwyneth Cardigan

Hill House Home Nap Dress- The launch of the year. An insane amount of sales were made on the day of the launch so much so that the Tartan Ellie Nap Dress that I scored (checking out six mins post launch) is long gone!